1.Important Information about the Center​

Dubai customer service center has been established in 2011, and is considered the main services center in the Ministry of Health & Prevention and is located at the ministry headquarter. The center offers a group of services for its customers, and below are the key information of the centers:

The Center address

Shk. Mohd Bin Zayed Rd. - Near Etisalat Academy

Working Days & Hours

Monday to Thursday From 7:30am - 3:30pm

Friday From 7:30am - 12:00pm

Peak TimesFrom 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
The average Waiting TimeAround 1 minutes "The time might be higher at the peak times"
The Average number of customers per a Day16 Customers

2. Services Provided by the Center:

The Centre provides a range of services according to service delivery systems as follows:

Evaluation of Healthcare ProfessionalsEvaluation of healthcare professionals including doctors , pharmacists, technicians and nurses in different specialties and levels.
Licensing & Registration of Pharmaceutical ProductsRegistration of a conventional pharmaceutical products, Veterinary Product Registration and Medical Equipment Registration
Clearance, Export and Import PermissionsServices related to Issuing permission to import medicines for personal use, Issuing permission to import medicines for exhibitions, narcotic drugs, medicines from the local agent, raw materials and Issuing a permission to export medicines, chemical precursors.
Sick Leaves and Medical ReportsSick Leaves Attestation, Patient Companion Leave Attestation, Medical Reports for abroad Approvals, Retirement and Medical Deficit Reports Approvals
Medicine SuppliersMedicine Supplier Registration and Renew Medicine Supplier Registration
Training & Continuous Medical EducationRequest Training Hours Accreditation for Scientific Events.
Licensing of Medical AdvertisementsLicensing of different types of medical advertisements, and related licenses fees payments.
Licensing & Registration of Healthcare FacilitiesLicensing and registration of medical stores, scientific centers, and registration of companies for medicine imports and exports
Preventive examinations of radiation risksIssuance of permits for medical radiology facilities, and requests for examination of radiation leakage and others.
Control & InspectionsInspection of medical and pharmaceutical establishments, Health Advertisements Inspection, Complaints on private health facilities and their medical staff and inspection of medicines and fines payments.

3. Center Sections

The center include the following sections:

Reception officeWill document customer information and will organize the entry and ease service delivery.
Customer Services officer/ countersWill provide customers with the requested services
Customer Happiness officeWill provide you with full support ensure an excellent, happy, and easy customer journey.
Center Manager OfficeWill provide you with full support ensure an excellent, happy, and easy customer journey.

4. General Facilities available in the center

The following facilities are available in the center:

  • Car Parking area opposite the center.
  • Public Transport available directly in front of the center (To Rashidyia and Etisalat Metro Stations).
  • Coffee Shop and snacks.
  • Typing Center.
  • Reservations & Travel Office (Dnata).
  • Snacks and Soft drinks Machine.
  • Toilets.
  • Special facilities for disabled and elder people in the parking, entries, and service counters.
  • Separated waiting area for men and women with comfortable chairs.
  • Prayers rooms for men and women and specials chairs for elders.
  • Closed meeting rooms with PCs.
  • Small tables in the waiting area.
  • E- dirham and ATM Machine.
  • Special devised to assess customer happiness and satisfaction.

5. Contact the center

You may contact Dubai Customer Service Center at following:

Customer Happiness Phone Number00971 80011111
Center Email Addressinfo​

7. Customer Jounery

For Customer Journey, Please click here

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