Measuring public satisfaction of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s (MOHAP) social media channe


In line with MOHAP’s continuing efforts to meet the expectations and needs of clients, the Ministry aims to assess its presence on social media channels due to its widespread and faster impact. This requires strategic plans to deal effectively with these channels and to use them in a positive and responsible way, in addition to prioritization of  policies and services



Through this consultation, MOHAP aims to measure community satisfaction through its social communication channels and monitor feedback's, proposals, and suggestions to optimize their readiness to interact using these methods



The Ministry will examine all responses and suggestions to create Innovative and diversified mechanisms for an effective social media presence and to develop services which contribute to enhancing the success rates of policies and initiatives, and to encourage the public to support its programs, thereby improving customer satisfaction


Survey results in English     


  • Open Date : 10/01/2018
  • Close Date: 01/03/2018

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