Obesity awareness campaigns


In accordance with Ministry of Health and Prevention’s strategy to provide comprehensive and innovative health services, in line with the implementation of National Agenda Indicators to reduce obesity rates by 2021. The ministry is keen to launch initiatives and events which aims to raise awareness about obesity hazards. In order to enable community members to adopt healthy behaviours that contribute to reducing the risks of heart disease and clots and the attendant risk factors


The Ministry of Health and Prevention through this consultation aims to monitor the public's responsiveness to the awareness-raising initiatives and to identify their opinions and suggestions regarding the development of such events and initiatives on the causes and risks of obesity in order to reach the desired results and rates


The Ministry will monitor all opinions and proposals, then present it to the specialists to take the necessary procedures aimed at achieving the goal of raising awareness of the importance of combat obesity and chronic diseases that it causes


Survey Result in English

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  • Open Date : 01/12/2019
  • Close Date: 01/02/2020

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