Enriching the Content on The Ministry of Health and Prevention's Website


Within the framework of the Ministry of Health and Prevention to promote and update the content on the Ministry of Health and Prevention's website to ensure the provision of highest standers of professionalism and high quality in providing services and reliable information to meet the needs and expectations of users. The ministry seeks to engage website visitors in enriching the content and providing important information 


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention seeks to engage the public through their opinions and suggestions to identify the most important and useful information in the website and the information they wish to add to the site


After reviewing all the public opinions and suggestions regarding enriching the content of the Ministry's website, the following proposals are being implemented:

  • Publish more information on international health relations and UN health statistics.
  • Promote elderly services on the website such as mobile home care.
  • Developing and simplifying electronic and smart services on the website.
  • Develop the health facilities page by providing information about hospitals and their services.
  • Enrich the site with the latest statistics and information daily.

To download the outcome file, Click Here


  • Open Date : 01/10/2020
  • Close Date: 15/11/2020

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