User Experience lab (Quarter 4 of 2024)

About the consultation

The UX Lab comprises two sections: The user testing room and the observation room. Participants use MOHAP website or smart application in the testing room, while engagement and interaction data are collected in the observation room. It is then analyzed and the results are used to improve accessibility and provide digital solutions that meet customers' requirements. The UX Lab is one of the advanced tools designed to engage customers in the service design process to provide them with a smooth, proactive experience.

Details and objectives 

The UX Lab activities in 2024 Quarter 4 are designed to identify the impressions of the users from relevant categories on the following digital services: 

  • Analyze medical product for a pharmaceutical company and its subsidiaries.
  • Re-analyze medical product for a pharmaceutical company and its subsidiaries. 
  • Issuing a medical product quality report issued by a drug quality control laboratory. 
  • Evaluation of the pharmacovigilance plan for the pharmaceutical facilities and its subsidiaries.
  • Report the side effects of medicines and medical products. 
  • Approve emergency drugs and psychotropic materials for hospitals. 
  • Application of educational material and event.
  • Apply for awareness or educational event.
  • Request for support and coordination of medical research.
  • Request to publish a research paper in the research bank.
  • Attestation of medical leaves and reports.
  • Applications for a good professional conduct certificate for professionals.
  • Licensing of a pharmaceutical facility.

Expected Outcomes

A Team of experienced researchers analyzes user experience sessions, starting from general observations to user feedback and comments, while also tracking the eye movement of participants. The analysis plays an instrumental role in helping us ensure exceptional user experiences.

After each session, the results are submitted to the relevant departments to provide the necessary support to help improve the user journey in general when using MOHAP digital platforms.


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Contact Information

For any inquiries kindly contact

The Participants get a call and a confirmation email from the ministry.


  • Open Date : 01/10/2024
  • Close Date: 31/12/2024

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