MoHAP, UAE Health Authorities launch Unified Digital System to enhance career progression of national healthcare professionals

Published Thursday, 01 February 2024

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) in collaboration with other UAE health entities has unveiled the Healthcare Workforce Decision Support System (HRH-UAE), an all-encompassing digital platform designed to manage the career trajectory of healthcare professionals.

The system, which covers various stages including academic studies, vocational training, licencing, and employment, monitors the career progression of national health cadres and gathers data under the umbrella of the National Healthcare Emiratization Committee. The initiative will empower officials and decision-makers with quick access to essential and accurate data.

The platform was during a press conference held on the sidelines of Arab Health 2024, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event, featuring a multitude of local, regional, and international stakeholders, provides a gathering point for thousands of exhibitors, visitors, and industry enthusiasts.

The HRH-UAE platform stands out for its use of advanced, interactive dashboards that meticulously track the career paths of health cadres. Through this digital infrastructure, MoHAP seeks to support informed decision-making through reliable data, which reflects its commitment to enhancing health service quality, fostering proactive approaches, and foreseeing future challenges.

Furthermore, the HRH-UAE system supports Nafis platform, which aims to boost the involvement of Emirati talent in the private sector. It is also interconnected with the National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA), a strategic priority that bolsters the sustainability, competitiveness, and governance of the nation's health sector.

The comprehensive system includes data analysis, skill adequacy assessment, specialization insights, and key policy and information system frameworks, thus providing a more extensive and detailed linkage of data.

Managing Health Cadres Tracks

Emphasizing the necessity of developing the UAE’s healthcare sector in a comprehensive and integrated manner, HE Dr Mohammed Salim Al Olama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), said: “The launch of the new integrated platform, specifically tailored to monitor and manage the career progression of national health cadres from their academic beginnings to the pinnacle of their careers, is a strategic step towards strengthening and organizing the workforce in the health sector. This initiative is of great importance now that it will foster a more advanced and sustainable future in this essential sector.”

Al Olama added, "The Ministry is committed to providing top-notch health services to the community, recognizing that national health cadres are fundamental to the health system. Therefore, we will spare no effort to empower Emirati professionals in various healthcare fields, by implementing initiatives that enhance their career paths, from healthcare study programmes and vocational training to job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.”

He clarified that the platform facilitates the process of making more precise and impactful decisions based on reliable, real-time data, noting that it will also play a pivotal role in enhancing our capabilities to address future healthcare challenges and deliver the highest quality of healthcare services.

Matching requirements with competencies

For his part, Saqr Ghanem Alhemeiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, stressed that the unified system will bolster the career trajectory of national cadres by streamlining the flow of up-to-date data, aligning with the evolving skill and specialization needs of the health sector. It facilitates the harmonization of national requirements and competencies, based on comprehensive and precise information, within a digital coordination platform.

Alhemeiri added that the platform not only promotes government collaboration in the healthcare sector but also evaluates the quality of academic programmes and other activities. Such a setup allows for interventions based on reliable data and will help attract and empower the nation's top talents in the healthcare field.

Digital tracking system

Meanwhile, Samir Alkhoory, Director of the Information Technology Department at the Ministry, said that the unified digital platform, which was developed in partnership with technical experts, is user-friendly and effective, thanks to its interactive interface. It employs cutting-edge big data analysis technologies, enabling meticulous tracking of professional development, training, and licencing for national health cadres.

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