Statement by HE Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health, and Prevention on International Nurses Day

Published Sunday, 12 May 2024

HE Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health, and Prevention (MoHAP), stressed that the UAE wise leadership has continuously supported the nursing profession, directing efforts towards developing national nursing cadres as part of the Projects of the 50.

In a statement on International Nurses Day, which falls on May 12 every year, the Minister noted that nurses are the cornerstone of any health system, making it very important to invest in nursing staff to prepare them for health leadership positions, as well as to highlight the capabilities of national nursing cadres in global campaigns.

Al Owais lauded the UAE's pioneering experience in launching national initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of the nursing profession and accelerating its Emiratization to ensure its sustainability and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.

His Excellency emphasized that the evolving needs of healthcare have reaffirmed again and again the critical role of nursing cadres in shaping future healthcare strategies, adding that nurses play a greater role in supporting preventive health, enhancing public health, and improving the integration of technology.

Al Owais highlighted that the National Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery-2026 aims not only to strengthen the governance of the nursing and midwifery professions through professional regulatory policies and practices but also to ensure effective planning and management of the nursing and midwifery workforce. This strategy guarantees that nursing cadres perform their duties in accordance with their education and expertise to deliver high-quality health care services.

Al Owais commended the commitment and sincere efforts of all nursing staff in the UAE for providing healthcare with professionalism and humanity. He also lauded the UAE's global leadership in nursing and its openness to international partnerships, attributing these achievements to the nation's visionary and proactive initiatives aimed at empowering nurses. Recognizing nursing as a strategic and essential profession in healthcare systems. He underscored that nurses play a fundamental and vital role in supporting universal health coverage and improving the quality of life of the community.

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