MoHAP launches “Riayati Post Office” service to govern health insurance procedures, and improve patient experience

Published Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched “Riayati Post Office” service to govern and regulate health insurance operations on the Platform in accordance with global best practices.

The service was developed in line with the ministry’s ongoing efforts to accelerate the digital transformation process and bring health information exchange systems under one national roof. It will be made available through the most cutting-edge digital technology.

Riayati is the digital healthcare platform for the National Unified Medical Record. It aims to establish a unified national health care system that connects all health service providers in the UAE to improve patients' experiences, enhance the quality and outcomes of treatment, and improve customer journey.

The platform was particularly designed to support MoHAP’s endeavors to improve the efficiency, quality, and performance of population health management; as well as to make patient data more accessible, construct health information systems, and build health quality systems.

Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, stressed that Riayati platform supports the UAE's ambition of consolidating the country's global position in the field of digital health and will also solidify the 'Projects of the 50' initiative, which aims to build a sustainable health system based on the highest international standards.

Digital Health Leadership

The Riayati platform, according to Al Dashti, has been a qualitative milestone that has contributed to transforming the country's health care landscape by establishing a central system for medical records. "Powered by modern technology, the platform provides a unique and integrated digital system that shows current clinical data for patients." The platform, which was developed in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, Emirates Health Services (EHS), and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), will bring additional private healthcare providers under its cover,” Al Dashti stated.

 "The ministry will make every effort to modernize the national health system, boost its integration, and keep up with global advancements, particularly in the field of smart technology for handling health data. To assure quality, excellence, and leadership, we are committed to providing integrated and sustainable health care in accordance with the finest international standards and according to accurate performance metrics and time frames," he added.

More efficiency and smoothness

For his part, Ali Al Ajmi, Director of the Digital Health Department, MoHAP, emphasized the importance of Riayati post office, saying it has been a watershed moment in the health sector, especially as it was introduced following a series of discussion sessions to promote awareness about joining the platform.

He emphasised that the Riayati platform will further streamline and improve the efficiency of insurance claim processing, resulting in a faster work cycle and for that purpose, the ministry is employing the "E-Claims Post Office" as a data-sharing mechanism. Every day, the e-Claims Post Office handles over 20,000 transactions, including over 7,000 online prescriptions and 5,000 claims. Since its introduction on April 1, 2022, it has processed over 1.5 million authorization requests, approximately 500,000 e-recipes, and 300,000 applications.

Step forward

Junaid Khan CTO at Pure Health, said: "Riayati platform has become a major driver of digital transformation in the national healthcare sector, especially for the Northern Emirates. We see it as a very important step forward to integrate healthcare systems to share data,".

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