Ministry of Health and Prevention Launches MA’KOM for Active Life Program

Published Monday, 21 October 2019

MA’KOM for Active Life, a new program launched by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) with the aim of stimulating its employees and the individuals over the age of 18 to engage in all types of physical activity for 30 minutes, 5 days a week as part of their daily routine, in addition to adopting healthy lifestyles.

Starting October until December 2019, the two-month program will be launched from MoHAP headquarters in Dubai. The activities of the first week include a daily walk during workdays with the participation of MoHAP officials, along with providing free checkups, awareness consultations, and to encourage employees to perform physical activities at home.

In the second week, the employees will engage in a two-month walking challenge in groups. While the third week will be dedicated to a contest on looking for the program’s logo “MA’KOM” for Active Life.

The fourth week will include Pilates workouts and exercises with the participation of the Emirati coach Alia Al Shamsi. In the meantime, communal activities will be launched at three different locations including; Al Qawasim Corniche, Ras Al Khaimah, Zero 6 Mall, Sharjah, and Sports Park in Ajman.

Stimulating Positive Energy to Prevent Diseases

H.E. Dr. Hussein Abdel Rahman Al-Rand, Undersecretary of the Ministry’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centers and Clinics, said: “MA’KOM” for Active Life Program aims to spread awareness about the importance of walking and physical activity. This type of lifestyle would help the employees and individuals make tangible changes to be protected from diseases, stimulate their positive energy and enhance their productive capacity.”

“The program is part of MoHAP’s awareness initiatives and the national program to reduce the rate of obesity in children and adolescents, in accordance with the objectives of the National Agenda 2021. Our aim is to build a healthy society by enabling the individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles that would help curb the prevalence of non-communicable diseases,” added Al-Rand.

Adopting Healthy Lifestyles and Establishing Health Supportive Environment

For her part, Dr. Fadila Mohamed Sherif, Director of MoHAP’s Health Education & Promotion Department, said: “The program aims to encourage people to follow healthy lifestyles and engage in physical activity for 30 minutes, 5 days a week, so as to achieve 150 minutes weekly according to WHO’s recommendations. Also, the program comes in line with MoHAP’s strategy aiming to enhance awareness about healthy lifestyles, change the traditional concept that practicing physical activity is only confined to the gym, and illustrate the best methods to exercise on daily basis as part of the normal daily life.”

We would like also to thank the program’s sponsors including Sharaf DG, and Redha Al Ansari Exchange, which presented gifts to winners of the “MA’KOM” for Active Life challenge, as well as other partners such as Concept Club, Al Ain Mineral Water Co., Del Monte Foods and Bauerfeind Polyclinic

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