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​Document NameE-Revenue Refund system
​E-Dirham Payment System

A world-class payment and collection system

The e-Dirham system was launched by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in 2011 as a system of electronic chan​nels and digital payment gateways capable of collecting service fees and revenue for the Federal Government via Prepaid Cards, in order to enhance the delivery of public services.

The e-Dirham G2 system was implemented in 2011, providing world-class payment networks and schemes, via platforms configured to be flexibly integrated with e-Government service applications. The platforms can also be configured to work with online payment applications, payment via mobile phones, and electronic collection via different payment channels in line with universally accepted standards.

​e-Dirham Features – A simple, low-cost, flexible payment methodThe system offers many advantages, including low costs, fixed fees for the service, and the possibility of paying service fees through different payment channels, which include e-Dirham applications for mobile phones, e-wallet, vouchers, and self-service e-Kiosks. The system also offers Al Haslah cards for paying via e-Dirham at several points of sale and distribution outlets, bringing services closer to customers and users by increasing the number of point of sale (PoS) devices, and enhancing service delivery channels.

e-Dirham Service

To complement the e-Dirham system as a smart payment method for more than 5,000 government services, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) provides the private sector companies joining the system with three support services, namely: approving the applications of the concerned entities for linking to e-Dirham, authorising the use of e-Dirham to enable administrators to turn on the system, receiving fees, cancelling transactions, making refunds, exporting reports, reporting malfunctions and providing feedback, as well as adding, modifying or deleting service fees provided via e-Dirham for entities using the system, according to relevant regulations and resolutions.

​DefinitionEDirham customer can load the registered eDirham cards through multiple channels as follow
  • First Abu Dhabi bank branches
  • First Abu Dhabi bank CDMs in addition to eDirham 89 CDM machines
In addition, the clients can load /reload the registered cards through selected distribution channels, which are on boarded to eDirham system and distributed over the emirates through tasheel centers and some of the selected banks.

Location of service provision

  • Website
  • First Abu Dhabi bank branches
  • Authorized distribution channels
  • ATM/CDM machines
  • eDirham kiosks
​Call center (Toll Free)800663

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