MOHAP Digital Participation on Premarital counselling service


In line with the Ministry of Health and Prevention's keenness to provide comprehensive and innovative health services to strengthen the preventive aspect. MoHAP provide the Premarital counselling service aims to enables individuals to request the necessary medical counselling for a premarital examination to ensure that they are free of genetic and sexually transmitted diseases in order to provide advice and recommendations, and to ensure a healthy society and children free of genetic diseases and infectious and sexually transmitted diseases


Through this consultation, the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to measure community awareness of the importance of premarital counselling, in addition to monitoring the public's opinions and proposals to develop the service to meet their aspirations and needs


After reviewing all the public's suggestions and opinions, the primary healthcare department (Pre-Marital Screening & Counselling Programme) is working to take some measures, including

  • Determining service inspections based on international recommendations and with the participation of all health  and judicial entities in the state
  • Regarding the addition of genetic disease tests to the service (under study), the parties are also transferred to the genetics clinic if the genetic family history is required
  • For the test of reproductive capacity, it was not included in the required tests in accordance with the international recommendations
  • With regard to psychological examination, the couple are assessed through a dialogue with the competent doctor and if the need for psychological support is noted, it is transferred to the competent department
  • Involve the parties who are coming to the marriage when issuing the certificate and informing them of the results of the medical examinations
  • Enhance the awareness campaigns in health care centers regarding the importance of premarital counselling

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  • Open Date : 30/04/2020
  • Close Date: 30/06/2020

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