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Since the creation of the UAE’s union on December 2, 1971, the country’s health sector has witnessed great qualitative accomplishments in a bid to meet various health challenges and keep pace with global developments. From day one, the UAE recognized the importance and necessity of making the most of all advanced technologies and resources to improve this vital sector, while providing an appropriate health environment, believing that promoting the lives of its people is the end goal and main focus of development, to help them fulfil their national responsibilities, and contribute effectively to the process of development.

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Our Core Values

Community Health First

Innovation & Proactiveness

Agility, Resilience & Readiness

Leadership & Compatibility

Integrity and Accountability

Equality and Transparency


Govern an integrated preventive and therapeutic healthcare system through the development of world-class policies and legislation, and management of public healthcare programs to ensure proactive, interconnected, comprehensive and innovative health services based on digital data for all segments of the community by qualified and specialized professionals.


A world-class health system for a community with long healthy life expectancy

Our Strategic Objectives 2023 - 2026

1st objective

Develop the organization of the health sector in a comprehensive and integrated manner to enhance its competitiveness, flexibility, effectiveness and alignment with the directions and priorities of the Country

2nd objective

Ensure provision of proactive and quality healthcare services through qualified and licensed specialists and enable the private sector structured participation through a credible and reliable governance system

3rd objective

Upgrade the level of public health for a preventive, aware, safe and committed community

Our Enabling Objectives

1st objective

Attract and empowering the best human talent, providing efficient and effective corporate services and digital infrastructure

2nd objective

Enhancing innovation practices based on agility, proactivity responsiveness and readiness within the work system

Our Main Objectives

1st objective

Plan and manage policies, legislation, research and economics of the health sector based on qualified and reliable big data

2nd objective

Manage preventive and community healthcare programs to enhance the quality of healthy life at the country level

3rd objective

Regulate the healthcare sector through licensing, monitoring and inspecting companies, individuals and medical products

The Minister’s Message

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has placed strong focus & attention to the health sector as it aims to serve all individuals residing in the state - both citizens & residents--providing them with comprehensive, world-class health care. In line with this, our role in the Ministry of Health and Prevention is to provide health care that is responsive to the needs of individuals and falling in line with the development and future vision of the state in all sectors & strives to be the world's best in all the services provided to people living in the UAE.

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