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Since the creation of the UAE’s union on December 2, 1971, the country’s health sector has witnessed great qualitative accomplishments in a bid to meet various health challenges and keep pace with global developments. From day one, the UAE recognized the importance and necessity of making the most of all advanced technologies and resources to improve this vital sector, while providing an appropriate health environment, believing that promoting the lives of its people is the end goal and main focus of development, to help them fulfil their national responsibilities, and contribute effectively to the process of development.

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Our Core Values

Patient Priority

Patients are at the center of our attention and care

Initiative & Productivity

Effective contribution and proactive approach to achieve best possible results


Demonstrate high regards to the rights and privacy of all concerned parties


Team spirit and synergy with all concerned patients

Excellence & Leadeship

Healthcare in line with highest standards of excellence & professionalism aiming at global leadership in health


Act responsibly at all levels , and take the necessary measures to ensure optimal performance


Embrace creative thinking as a life style to ensure readiness for the future

Community Happiness

To deliver comprehensive and integrated health care that exceeds expectations for a happy community​


To enhance community health by providing comprehensive, innovative, and fair healthcare services as per international standards, and performing its role as a regulator and supervisor of the healthcare sector through a modern and integrated health legislative system.


​An effective and sustainable Healthcare System for a happy society

Our Strategic Objectives for 2017-2021

  • Sustainable ways
  • Develop
  • Build
  • Provide
  • Ensure
  • Entrench

1st objective

Provide a comprehensive and integrated healthcare in innovative and sustainable ways to prevent the spread of diseases in the community.

2nd objective

Develop effective health information systems and apply global standards in the management of health facilities and infrastructure.

3rd objective

Build quality and safety for therapeutic, healthcare and pharmaceutical systems according to international standards.

4th objective

Provide a vital legislative framework and, governance , and distinctive regulatory and supervisory services for the healthcare sector

5th objective

Ensure and guarantee the provision of all administrative services according to the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency

6th objective

Entrench a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment​


The Minister’s Message

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has placed strong focus & attention to the health sector as it aims to serve all individuals residing in the state - both citizens & residents--providing them with comprehensive, world-class health care. In line with this, our role in the Ministry of Health and Prevention is to provide health care that is responsive to the needs of individuals and falling in line with the development and future vision of the state in all sectors & strives to be the world's best in all the services provided to people living in the UAE.

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