MOHAP Strategy

Our Core Values

Community Health First

Innovation & Proactiveness

Agility, Resilience, & Readiness

Leadership & Compatibility

Integrity and accountability

Equality and transparency


Govern an integrated preventive and therapeutic healthcare system through the development of world-class policies and legislation, and management of public healthcare programs to ensure proactive, interconnected, comprehensive and innovative health services based on digital data for all segments of the community by qualified and specialized professionals.


​An effective and sustainable Healthcare System for a happy society

Our Strategic Objectives for 2022

1st objective

Provide a vital legislative framework and, governance , and distinctive regulatory and supervisory services for the health sector

2nd objective

Develop preventive health programs in innovative and sustainable ways to prevent the spread of diseases in the community.

3rd objective

Apply global standards in the management of the infrastructure of the ministry

4th objective

Ensure and guarantee the provision of all administrative services according to the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency

5th objective

Entrench a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment​

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