Since the creation of the UAE’s union on December 2, 1971, the country’s health sector has witnessed great qualitative accomplishments in a bid to meet various health challenges and keep pace with global developments. From day one, the UAE recognized the importance and necessity of making the most of all advanced technologies and resources to improve this vital sector, while providing an appropriate health environment, believing that promoting the lives of its people is the end goal and main focus of development, to help them fulfil their national responsibilities, and contribute effectively to the process of development.

The health sector is one of the most developed in the UAE, and ranks first worldwide across a number of approved health indicators, thanks to following a health system based on the highest international standard in addition to developing the readiness of the health system to deal with pandemics and health risks, which made the country one of the best countries in the quality of healthcare.

Guided and supported by our wise leadership, the Ministry has been keen to adopt and launch many initiatives and projects to promote the health of the community through comprehensive and innovative health services of top-notch quality and prioritizing patients over anything else.


The ministry has also adopted a methodology that applies the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, built state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest equipment across the country, and highly experienced medical staff and launched several campaigns to enhance health awareness of the community. The UAE's interest in the health sector is also reflected in the national health strategy.

From applying international standards in infrastructure management in health facilities to building quality systems and safety therapeutic, health and pharmaceutical systems in accordance with international standards and providing a vital legislative framework and governance, the ministry has been keen to develop health information systems and provide regulatory and oversight services to the health sector.

In addition, the UAE is geared towards artificial intelligence and digital medical services. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has developed a comprehensive plan to integrate artificial intelligence 100% into medical services, in line with the UAE's AI Strategy, in accordance with the UAE's 2071 centenary to transform patient healthcare.

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