User Experience Lab

Published Friday, 11 November 2022
User Experience Lab

The UAE’s first Federal Ministry Government UX Lab


An innovative tool to engage customers in digital services development

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) established the country’s first federal User Experience (UX) Lab on its premises, in line with the objectives of the UAE Government Charter for Future Services.


The UX Lab is an innovative and enabling tool to engage customers in every stage of digital services development, ensuring user satisfaction of MOHAP digital Services and systems.


The UX Lab uses a human-centered approach to focus on key areas such as:

  1.  Interface design
  2. Usability
  3. Quality of information within digital service or system being tested


How does the UX Lab work?

  1. Users can participate and provide their feedback while interacting with the system being tested.
  2. During the session, Eye tracking device is used to analyze customer behavior with the system and highlight areas of improvement.  
  3. The feedback and recommendations are continuously collected from the system and used to ensure the best digital services that exceed customer expectations.

Watch the UX Lab Video:

Register to take part in upcoming usability testing sessions: Link to Register 

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