Accreditation of Medical Committee for Request for Retirement or Medical Disability

Service completion duration

  • 30 working days

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About the Service

This service allows approval of applications for retirement, early retirement, total medical disability or partial medical disability, as well as requests for the modification of working conditions, hours and places of work, or the inability to work.

Service Process

  • 1
    To apply for e-services, create an account on MOHAP website or smart app with a username and password.

    • 2
      Submit a retirement application and attach the required supporting documents.

      • 3
        Prepare an official letter by Medical Committee Office and transfer the customer for a medical examination by a consultant doctor in a hospital.

        • 4
          Set an appointment for the medical examination. The medical report after the examination will be sent to the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

          • 5
            Fill in all personal information in the retirement application, and prepare to be presented before the committee.

            • 6
              Send the employee’s file (the original copy) to the employer with an official letter of approval, rejection or transfer.

              • 7
                Attach copies of the employee’s file with the minutes of the committee’s meeting and its decision to the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security.

                Conditions & Requirements

                1. The applicant must be an employee in any of the ministries or federal authorities, a local government department, or authorised private sector, except the government of Abu Dhabi.

                2. The patient should have reports from more than one doctor in order to confirm the extent of disability.

                3. Decisions of the committee regarding applications for retirement are as follows:

                  • The employee is medically unfit to work or due for retirement

                  • The employee is medically fit to work.

                  • The employee may be transferred to a position other than the one assigned to him/her.

                  • A new medical examination should be made and the case resubmitted to the committee.

                Service completion duration
                • 30 working days
                Service fees


                Service channels
                • MOHAP Website:

                • MOHAP Smart App

                Service locations

                • MOHAP Website - 
                • MOHAP Smart App
                Payment channels
                • None - Service is free

                Target audience
                • Locals working in government and private sector, except those who work in Abu Dhabi government

                Department name

                Medical Committee Office

                Sector name

                Public Health

                Main service

                Sick leave and medical reports

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                Government to Customer

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                • General Pension and Social Security Authority - Applications for early retirement and medical disability.

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                This service is not linked to any package

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                Required Documents
                • Documents required for retirement applications:

                  • A letter from the employer to MOHAP - Medical Committee Office (for workers in the government sector).

                  • A letter from the General Pension & Social Security Authority to MOHAP - Medical Committee Office (for workers in the private Sector).

                  • A medical report issued by the doctor.

                  • Three photos.

                  • Copy of ID card.

                  • Copy of family book.

                  • A copy of the health fitness certificate upon appointment.

                  • A Job description or a letter stating the nature of work and the actual tasks.

                  • The completed retirement application form.

                • Documents required in case of injury at work (disability applications):

                  • A letter from the employer to MOHAP – Medical Committee Office.

                  • A copy of the police report on the incident.

                  • A detailed and comprehensive medical report from the doctor.

                Sustainable Goals
                Good Health And Well-Being

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