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About the Service

This service allows health professionals to obtain an evaluation certificate to issue the necessary licenses to practice the profession in the country

Service Process

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    To apply for e-services, create an account on MOHAP website or smart app with a username and password

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      Fill in the required information, submit an evaluation request, and pay the service fees

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        You will be provided with a link to pay the certificate verification fees (Dataflow), and as soon as the fees is paid, the application procedures will be completed (either by transferring to the scheduled test or tests, or exemption from tests according to the terms and requirements of the exemption)

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          An assessment certificate will be issued if you pass the prescribed tests (or exempting you from the tests)

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            In case of failure, the tests can be repeated (the maximum number of test attempts is 3 for each category of tests)

            Conditions & Requirements

            1. There should be no practicing interruption of the profession for more than two years.

            2. The certificate must be accredited in UAE.

            3. Pass the prescribed tests, if required.

            4. All documents submitted to “Data Flow” Company will be checked and the result of the report must be positive.

            5. Certificates are accepted in Arabic or English only, and if they are in other languages, the certificate must be legally translated and duly certified, and two original certificates must be uploaded with the translated copy.

            6. In case of transfer from Abu Dhabi Department of Health or Dubai Health Authority, the license must be valid, and if it is not renewed or canceled, it must not exceed a period of 6 months, and in case of exceeding 6 months, the applicant is subject to the prescribed tests.

            7. Experience is calculated from the date of issuance of the license and passing of the prescribed exams for each category.

            8. For more information on detailed conditions and requirements for each category, you can view Handbook of Unified Standards for Practitioners of Health Practitioners Licensing (PQR).


              • 3 trials only

              • No, it requires a license to practice the profession from UAE

              • Pharmacy specialty is under allied health category

              • The evaluation validity is 5 years if there is no gap of experience (more than two years)

              • There are medical titles limited to UAE nationals only which is as follows:

                • - Assistant Psychologist

                • - Assistant Service Specialist Social

              • Applicants should familiarize themselves with the conditions and requirements of each Title before submitting evaluation applications

              • The training (six-month period) for new nursing graduates has been cancelled in case no more than two years have passed from the date of graduation, where the evaluation exam can be taken within two years from the date of graduation

              • Please see the Manual of Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements - Part for Dentists (the Manual of Unified healthcare Professional qualification Requirements is available in the resources section)

              • In case one of the documents is uploaded incorrectly, the correct document must be added. Please note that it’s not possible to delete the wrong documents from the system. If the applicant wants to upload extra documents, he/she must wait until the application is reviewed and he/she is contacted regarding the accurate required documents

              • The classification allows attaching the largest possible number of documents. The applicant must review the service card or the unified health professional qualification requirement before submitting the application to identify the required documents which do not exceed the available capacity for each classification. Please note that its necessary to attach documents under their correct classification

              • You can contact technical support team

            Service completion duration
            • 5 working days
            Service channels
            • MOHAP Website:

            • MOHAP Smart App

            Payment channels
            • E- Payment

            Target audience
            • Paramedical Professions (Medical Technicians & Alternative Medicine Technicians)

            • Physicians

            • Dentists

            • Pharmacists

            • Practitioners of the profession of nursing and midwifery

            Department name

            Licensing and Accreditation

            Sector name

            Health Regulation

            Main service

            Medical Professional Evaluation

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            Service Type

            Government to Customer

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            Service Bundle

            This service is not linked to any bundles

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            Required Documents
            • Academic qualification

            • Duration of work experience corresponding to the field of specialization

            • A professional license corresponding to the period of work experience

            • Certificate of good professional conduct

            • A valid passport

            • Passport and family book for citizens

            • The applicant’s birth certificate and the mother’s family book for children of female citizens

            • For more information, you can view the file of the Handbook of Unified Standards for Practitioners of Health Practitioners Licensing (PQR) in order to verify the required documents and conditions.

            Sustainable Goals
            Good Health And Well-Being

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