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About the Service

This service allows health professionals to obtain an evaluation certificate to issue the necessary licenses to practice the profession in the country, so that the extent to which scientific certificates and practical experiences are in conformity with the unified standards for licensing health professionals in the United Arab Emirates are evaluated, and then the level of knowledge is verified by conducting tests assessed.

Service Process

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    Entering the electronic service, creating an account on the ministry’s website, filling out the required data and information, submitting an evaluation request, and paying service fees.

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      You will be provided with a link to pay the certificate verification fees (Dataflow), and as soon as the fees are paid, the application procedures will be completed (either by transferring to the exam or scheduled exams, or exemption from exams in accordance with the terms and requirements of the exemption).

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        Issuing the evaluation certificate and receiving it through e-mail.

        Conditions & Requirements

        1. General Terms and Conditions:

          • There should be no practicing interruption of the profession for more than two years.

          • The certificate must be accredited in the country.

          • Pass the prescribed tests, if required.

          • All documents submitted by Data Flow are checked and the result of the report must be positive.

          • Certificates are accepted in Arabic or English only, and if they are in other languages, the certificate must be legally translated and duly certified, and the two original certificates must be uploaded with the translated copy.

          • In the case of transfer from the Abu Dhabi Department of Health or the Dubai Health Authority, the license must be valid, and if it is not renewed or canceled, it must not exceed a period of 6 months, and in the case of exceeding 6 months in one day, the transfer is not made and the applicant is subject to the prescribed tests.

          • Experience is calculated from the date of issuance of the license.

          • The number of test attempts is 3 attempts for all disciplines as follows (written, oral, prometric).

            • Practitioners of the profession of nursing and midwifery: Interview, Prometric (according to specialty).

            • Alternative Medicine Technicians: Written, Prometric (according to specialty).

            • Pharmacists / Clinical Pha: Interview, Prometric (according to specialty).

            • Physicians and dentists: Interview, Prometric (according to specialty).

            • Paramedical Professions (Medical Technicians): Written, Interview, Prometric (according to specialty).

        2. Detailed terms and requirements:

          For more information about the approval of the scientific certificate for the target specialty, you can view the file of the Handbook of Unified Standards for Licensing Practitioners of Health Professions (PQR).
        Service completion duration
        • 5 working days (from completing the requirements and conditions until the approval of the Ministry employee)
        Service channels
        • MOHAP Website

        • MOHAP Mobile App

        Payment channels
        • E- Payment

        Target audience
        • Paramedical Professions (Medical Technicians)

        • Physicians and dentists

        • Pharmacists / Clinical Pharmacist

        • Alternative Medicine Technicians

        • Practitioners of the profession of nursing and midwifery

        Department name

        Licensing and Accreditation Department

        Sector name

        Health Regulation Sector

        Main service

        Medical Professional Evaluation

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        Government to Customer

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        Service Bundle

        This service is not linked with any service package

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        Required Documents
        • The scientific qualification recognized according to the Guide to the Unified Standards for Licensing Health Professions.

        • Duration of practical experience corresponding to the field of specialization according to the Guide to Unified Standards for Licensing Health Professions.

        • A professional license corresponding to the period of work experience.

        • A certificate of good professional conduct issued by the same place where the professional license was issued.

        • A valid passport.

        • Passport and family book for citizens.

        • The applicant’s birth certificate and the mother’s family book for children of female citizens.

        • For more information, you can view the file of the Handbook of Unified Standards for Practitioners of Health Practitioners Licensing (PQR) in order to verify the required documents and conditions.

        Sustainable Goals
        Good Health And Well-Being

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